What is enlightenment?

  • (noun): A movement in the 18th century that advocated the use of reason in the reappraisal of accepted ideas and social institutions.
    Synonyms: Age of Reason
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List Of Modern Scholars In Buddhist Studies
... Saṃsāra Saṅkhāra Defilements Ignorance Craving Five Hindrances Ten Fetters Faculties Enlightenment (Awakening) Parinirvana Thusness Two truths doctrine Emptiness Bodhicitta ...
Enlightenment - Other
... Project Enlightenment, an educational program. ...
Science In The Age Of Enlightenment
... The scientific history of the Age of Enlightenment traces developments in science and technology during the Age of Reason, when Enlightenment ideas and ideals were being disseminated across Europe and North ... While the Enlightenment cannot be pigeonholed into a specific doctrine or set of dogmas, science came to play a leading role in Enlightenment discourse and thought ... Many Enlightenment writers and thinkers had backgrounds in the sciences and associated scientific advancement with the overthrow of religion and ...
Subitism - Korean Seon
... rather than Jinul (知訥 1158-1210), he advocated Hui Neng's original stance of 'sudden enlightenment, sudden cultivation' (Hangul 돈오돈수, Hanja 頓悟頓修) as ... Whereas Jinul had initially asserted that with enlightenment comes the need to further one's practice by gradually destroying the karmic vestiges attained ...

More definitions of "enlightenment":

  • (noun): (Hinduism and Buddhism) the beatitude that transcends the cycle of reincarnation; characterized by the extinction of desire and suffering and individual consciousness.
    Synonyms: Nirvana
  • (noun): Education that results in understanding and the spread of knowledge.