What is dispersion?

  • (noun): The act of dispersing or diffusing something.
    Example: "The dispersion of the troops"
    Synonyms: dispersal, dissemination, diffusion
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Low Dispersion Glass - Variants
... Some glasses have a peculiar property called anomalous partial dispersion ... Abnormal dispersion is required for design of apochromat lenses ... Glass with addition of thorium dioxide has high refraction and low dispersion and was in use since before World War II (WW2), but its radioactivity led to its replacement with ...
Low Dispersion Glass - Application
... Low dispersion glasses are particularly used to reduce chromatic aberration, most often used in achromatic doublets ... The positive element is made of a low-dispersion glass, the negative element from a high-dispersion glass ... focal length objectives benefit less from low dispersion elements, as their chief problem is spherical aberration instead of chromatic aberration ...

More definitions of "dispersion":

  • (noun): Spreading widely or driving off.
    Synonyms: scattering
  • (noun): The spatial property of being scattered about over an area or volume.
    Synonyms: distribution

Famous quotes containing the word dispersion:

    The slogan offers a counterweight to the general dispersion of thought by holding it fast to a single, utterly succinct and unforgettable expression, one which usually inspires men to immediate action. It abolishes reflection: the slogan does not argue, it asserts and commands.
    Johan Huizinga (1872–1945)