What is dink?

  • (noun): A couple who both have careers and no children (an acronym for dual income no kids).
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List Of Battle School Students - Ender's Jeesh - Dink Meeker
... Dink Meeker is a Battle School student of Dutch descent ... Dink asked for Ender Wiggin to be transferred into Rose de Nose's army under his command as a toon leader after he had watched Ender ... Dink refrains from protecting Ender, instead inciting independence in him ...
Rinky Dink
... Rinky Dink is a 1962 instrumental hit by Dave "Baby" Cortez ... Rinky Dink is a mobile musical sound system that operates on power provided by two bicycles and solar panels ... The Rinky Dink was also responsible for powering the first bicycle-powered digital recording in history - Live Pedal-Powered (1995) by Baka Beyond ...
Skidamarink - Lyrics
... Skidamarink a-dink, a-dink, Oh, skidamarink a-dink, a-dink. ...
Arat Dink
... Arat Dink (born 1979 in İstanbul, Turkey) is a Turkish journalist of Armenian origin and the executive editor of Agos, a bilingual Turkish-Armenian ... He is the son of Hrant Dink, the former editor-in-chief of the same paper, who was murdered by Ogün Samast, a Turkish ultra-nationalist who was seventeen years old at the time ... Arat Dink has been brought to trial as a co-defendant as the executive editor of Agos along with Serkis Seropyan, holder of the weekly's publishing license in the third and last case that was opened against Hrant ...

More definitions of "dink":

  • (noun): A soft return so that the tennis ball drops abruptly after crossing the net.
    Synonyms: drop shot