What is detailed balance?

Detailed Balance

The principle of detailed balance is formulated for kinetic systems which are decomposed into elementary processes (collisions, or steps, or elementary reactions): At equilibrium, each elementary process should be equilibrated by its reverse process.

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Microscopic Reversibility - Macroscopic Consequences of The Time-reversibility of Dynamics
... of the time-reversibility of microscopic dynamics the principle of detailed balance and the Onsager reciprocal relations ... He discovered that the time-reversibility of the Newtonian dynamics leads to the detailed balance for collision in equilibrium collisions are equilibrated by their reverse collisions ... He found also the connection between the reciprocal relations and detailed balance ...
Quantum Superposition - Theory - Quantum Mechanics in Imaginary Time
... In probability theory, the probability m for the stochastic matrix obeys detailed balance when the stationary distribution has the property Detailed balance says that the total probability of going from m to n in ... for the transition-probability R matrix When the R matrix obeys detailed balance, the scale of the probabilities can be redefined using the stationary distribution so that they no longer sum to 1 In the new ...
Balance Equation - Detailed Balance
... See also Detailed balance For a continuous time Markov chain (CTMC) with transition rate matrix Q, if can be found such that for every pair of states i and j holds, then the ... found the resulting equations are usually much easier than directly solving the global balance equations ... A CTMC is reversible if and only if the detailed balance conditions are satisfied for every pair of states i and j ...
Detailed Balance For Systems With Irreversible Reactions
... Detailed balance states that in equilibrium each elementary process is equilibrated by its reverse process and required reversibility of all elementary ... heterogeneous catalytic oxidation, most enzyme reactions etc.), detailed mechanisms include both reversible and irreversible reactions ... with irreversible reactions can be obtained as limits of systems or reversible reactions with detailed balance ...

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