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Cypher Zero - Origin of Name
... Although he performed under the name Cypher Zero as early as 1995, it was not a legal name until 1998 ... The exact origin of the name "Cypher Zero" is not confirmed ... Cypher, on several occasions, attributed it to an epiphany he had while researching the history of number systems at Villanova University ...
Cypher (band)
... Cypher is a three piece instrumental band from Perth, Australia ... Cypher Background information Origin Perth, Western Australia, Australia Genres Post Rock/Instrumental Years active 1998–present Labels Aporia Records Unit 6 Records Website Unofficial website Members ...
Cypher - Software
... Cypher transcoder, a natural language processing framework Cypher Query Language, a declarative query language for graph databases ...
H.I.V.E. (series) - Summaries - The Overlord Protocol
... Wing appears to be killed by Cypher, a mysterious member of G.L.O.V.E ... Raven plans to attempt to discover what Cypher is up to, with Otto at her side ... Cypher makes an attack on the school, threatening to kill the students of H.I.V.E to get what he wants ...
Si Phili - Biography
... Phi Life Cypher was a hip hop trio composed of two MC's, Si Phili and Life MC, and DJ Nappa all from Luton UK ... Phi-Life Cypher made it the final of Tim Westwood's Talent 2000 competition and ripping the mic on DJ Skitz's seminal posse cut 'Fingerprints of the Gods' projected them to the upper ... Si Phili along with Phi Life Cypher released "Clint Eastwood" the track on the Gorillaz G-Sides, a compilation of the B-sides from the first three singles was ...

More definitions of "cypher":

  • (noun): A mathematical element that when added to another number yields the same number.
    Synonyms: zero, 0, nought, cipher
  • (noun): A message written in a secret code.
    Synonyms: cipher