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Fungis - Ecology - Symbiosis - With Insects
... Several groups of ants cultivate fungi in the order Agaricales as their primary food source, while ambrosia beetles cultivate various species of fungi in the ... Termites on the African savannah are also known to cultivate fungi, and yeasts of the genera Candida and Lachancea inhabit the gut of a wide range of insects, including neuropterans, beetles, and cockroaches ...
4th Millennium BCE In North American History
4000 BCE Inhabitants of Mesoamerica cultivate maize (corn) while Peruvian natives cultivate beans and squash ... and marsh elder begins in the American South northeastern natives cultivate amaranth and marsh elder ...
Bhūmi (Buddhism) - Ten Bhūmis - The Fifth Bhūmi, Difficult To Cultivate
... The fifth level is called the "Difficult to Cultivate" because it involves practices that are so arduous and require a great deal of effort to perfect ... to Nagarjuna, Bodhisattvas on this level cultivate the perfection of samadhi ...
Xiuzhen Tu - Title
... decorate repair, overhaul study, cultivate build, construct trim, prune write, compile" zhen 真 "true real genuine" or (Daoist) "original, unspoiled character of a person ultimate reality a xian transcendent" ... (Despeux 2008767) Xiuzhen (Chinese 修真 pinyin xiūzhēn Wade–Giles hsiu-chen literally "cultivate truth") is an uncommon word associated with Daoism ... 修身 pinyin xiūshēn Wade–Giles hsiu-shen literally "cultivate oneself") is a basic moral principle of Chinese philosophy ...
Bhūmi (Buddhism) - Ten Bhūmis - The Fourth Bhūmi, The Radiant
... the fourth level, the "Radiant", bodhisattvas cultivate the perfection of effort and eliminate afflictions ... They destroy deeply rooted afflictions and cultivate the thirty-seven harmonies with awakening ... great skill in meditative absorptions and cultivate wisdom, while weakening the artificial and innate conceptions of true existence ...

More definitions of "cultivate":

  • (verb): Prepare for crops.
    Example: "Cultivate the land"
    Synonyms: crop, work
  • (verb): Foster the growth of.

Famous quotes containing the word cultivate:

    As for me, then, I love life and cultivate it just as God has been pleased to grant it to us.
    Michel de Montaigne (1533–1592)

    Since the death instinct exists in the heart of everything that lives, since we suffer from trying to repress it, since everything that lives longs for rest, let us unfasten the ties that bind us to life, let us cultivate our death wish, let us develop it, water it like a plant, let it grow unhindered. Suffering and fear are born from the repression of the death wish.
    Eugène Ionesco (b. 1912)

    We Russians have assigned ourselves no other task in life but the cultivation of our own personalities, and when we’re barely past childhood, we set to work to cultivate them, those unfortunate personalities.
    Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev (1818–1883)