What is cross product?

  • (noun): A vector that is the product of two other vectors.
    Synonyms: vector product

Cross Product

In mathematics, the cross product, vector product, or Gibbs' vector product is a binary operation on two vectors in three-dimensional space. It results in a vector which is perpendicular to both of the vectors being multiplied and therefore normal to the plane containing them. It has many applications in mathematics, physics, and engineering.

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Cross Product (disambiguation)
... The cross product is a product in vector algebra ... Cross product may also refer to Seven-dimensional cross product, a related product in seven dimensions A product in a Künneth theorem A crossed product in von Neumann algebras A Cartesian ...
Seven-dimensional Cross Product - Rotations
... In three dimensions the cross product is invariant under the group of the rotation group, SO(3), so the cross product of x and y after they are rotated is the image of x × y under the rotation ... But this invariance is not true in seven dimensions that is, the cross product is not invariant under the group of rotations in seven dimensions, SO(7) ...
Levi-Civita Symbol - Applications and Examples - Vector Cross Product - Cross Product (two Vectors)
... in some right-handed coordinate system using an orthonormal basis), their cross product can be written as a determinant hence also using the Levi-Civita symbol, and more simply In Einstein notation ...
Seven-dimensional Cross Product - Coordinate Expressions
... To define a particular cross product, an orthonormal basis {ej} may be selected and a multiplication table provided that determines all the products {ei × ej} ... to five other unit vectors, allowing many choices for each cross product ... table from the one in the Introduction, leading to a different cross product, is given with anticommutativity by More compactly this rule can be written as with i = 1...7 modulo 7 and the indices i, i + 1 and i + 3 ...
Cross Product - History
... Lagrange introduced the component form of both the dot and cross products in order to study the tetrahedron in three dimensions ... In 1843 the Irish mathematical physicist Sir William Rowan Hamilton introduced the quaternion product, and with it the terms "vector" and "scalar" ... u and v are vectors in R3, their quaternion product can be summarized as ...

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