What is colonization?

  • (noun): The act of colonizing; the establishment of colonies.
    Example: "The British colonization of America"
    Synonyms: colonisation, settlement


Colonization (or colonisation) occurs whenever any one or more species populate an area. The term, which is derived from the Latin colere, "to inhabit, cultivate, frequent practice, tend, guard, respect", originally referred to humans. During the 19th century, biogeographers appropriated the term to also describe the activities of birds, bacteria, or plant species. Human colonization is a narrower category than the related concept of colonialism. Colonization refers strictly to migration, for example, to settler colonies, trading posts, and plantations, while colonialism deals with this as well as the ruling of new territories' existing peoples.

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Some articles on colonization:

Latvian Brazilian - Colonization
... In the State of Rio Grande do Sul in Ijuí (1893) ... Then followed Latvian colonies in the state of São Paulo Nova Odessa, Jorge Tibiriçá or Corumbataí (1906), Nova Europa (1907), Paríquera-Açú (1910), São José dos Campos (1914) and Varpa (1922). ...
Hypothetical or Fictional Types of Colonization - Space Colonization
... In science fiction, space colonization is sometimes more benign ... The colonization of Mars is an often-used example of this type of space colonization ... science fiction authors have used the colonization of alien planets by humans, or the colonization of Earth by aliens, to explore the real-world issues ...
Cambriol - Dissolution of Colony
... New Cambriol after 1630, but his efforts to entice further colonization did not cease ... All efforts to increase colonization had failed and sometime between 1630 and 1637 the colony was abandoned ... sixty years old and he had given up any further attempts of colonization ...
... The land was purchased from the Arabs by the Jewish Colonization Association in 1910 ... and the land returned to the Palestine Jewish Colonization Association, the heir to the Jewish Colonization Association ... of the Gordania organization, with the cost borne by the Palestine Jewish Colonization Association and the Agricultural Workers Federation ...
List Of Ontario Colonization Roads
... The Colonization Roads were roads created during the 1840s and 1850s to open up or provide access to areas in Central and Eastern Ontario for settlement and agricultural development ... The colonization roads were used by settlers, much like modern-day highways, to lead them towards areas for settlement ...