What is Chiron?

  • (noun): An asteroid discovered in 1977; it is unique in having an orbit lying mainly between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus.
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In Greek mythology, Chiron /ˈkaɪrən/ (also Cheiron or Kheiron; Greek: Χείρων "hand") was held to be the superlative centaur among his brethren.

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List Of Characters In The Percy Jackson And The Olympians Series And In The Heroes Of Olympus Series - Immortals
... he does not like being confused with the centaur Chiron ... Chiron Chiron is a centaur, a mentor of Percy's, and the activities director at Camp Half-Blood ... Chiron's horse half is that of a white stallion ...
Chiron - Use As A Symbol
... Chiron appears on the cap badge of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps and also appeared on a similar badge worn by the Royal Canadian Army Veterinary Corps ... Chiron is the model for the official mascot of the Delta Lambda Phi international social fraternity ... Chiron is also the centerpiece in the logo of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons ...
Benchmarking E-learning - CHIRON
... CHIRON is an EU-funded project (under the Leonardo programme) whose aim is "to develop reference material presenting and analysing research outcomes ... There is a CHIRON web site at http//semioweb.msh-paris.fr/chiron/ ... "u" denotes "ubiquity", As part of this brief, CHIRON appears to be developing a benchmarking methodology ...
Labours Of Heracles - Fourth Labour: Erymanthian Boar
... at them with his poisonous arrows, and the centaurs retreated all the way to Chiron's cave ... One version states that a stray arrow hit Chiron as well, but Chiron was immortal, although he still felt the pain ... Chiron's pain was so great, he volunteered to give up his immortality, and take the place of Prometheus, who had been chained in to the top of a mountain to have his ...
Chiron FS
... Chiron Filesystem is a fault-tolerant replication file system ... Chiron FS is a FUSE based filesystem that implements replication at the filesystem level like RAID 1 does at the device level ... Every write in the Chiron FS mount point subtree will be echoed to the underlying filesystems ...

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  • (noun): (Greek mythology) the learned centaur who tutored Achilles, Asclepius, Hercules, Jason, and other heroes.