What is alloy?

  • (noun): A mixture containing two or more metallic elements or metallic and nonmetallic elements usually fused together or dissolving into each other when molten.
    Example: "Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper"
    Synonyms: metal
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An alloy is a mixture or metallic solid solution composed of two or more elements. Complete solid solution alloys give single solid phase microstructure, while partial solutions give two or more phases that may or may not be homogeneous in distribution, depending on thermal (heat treatment) history. Alloys usually have different properties from those of the component elements.

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Mechanical Alloying
... a variety of equilibrium and non-equilibrium alloy phases starting from blended elemental or pre-alloyed powders ... First, the alloy materials are combined in a ball mill and ground to a fine powder ... This produces an alloy suitable for high heat turbine blades and aerospace components ...
Alloy - History
... The use of alloys by humans started with the use of meteoric iron, a naturally occurring alloy of nickel and iron ... used to separate iron from nickel, the alloy was used as it was ... and work hardening, developing much of the information contained in modern alloy constitution diagrams ...
Aluminium Monochloride
... as a step in the Alcan process to smelt aluminium from an aluminium-rich alloy ... When the alloy is placed in a reactor that is heated to 1,300°C and mixed with aluminium trichloride, a gas of aluminium monochloride is produced. 2{alloy} + AlCl3{gas} -> 3AlCl{gas} It then disproportionates into aluminium melt and aluminium trichloride upon cooling to 900°C ...
Skin (aircraft) - Light Aircraft
... Other primary factors involved in selecting an alloy for this application are corrosion resistance, cost, and appearance ... Alloys 6061-T6 and alclad 2024-T3 are the primary choices ... The alloys most used for extruded members are 2024-T4 for sections less than 0.125 in ...
Linotype (alloy)
... Linotype or eutectic alloy is a broad name applied to five categories of lead alloys used in manufacture of type, each with three to five sub-classifications ... One alloy is composed of lead with 4% tin and 12% antimony ...

More definitions of "alloy":

  • (verb): Lower in value by increasing the base-metal content.
    Synonyms: debase
  • (verb): Make an alloy of.
  • (noun): The state of impairing the quality or reducing the value of something.
    Synonyms: admixture

Famous quotes containing the word alloy:

    I live in the angle of a leaden wall, into whose composition was poured a little alloy of bell-metal. Often, in the repose of my mid-day, there reaches my ears a confused tintinnabulum from without. It is the noise of my contemporaries.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)