What is ac current?

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Phone - Details of Operation
... (less than 300 ohms) which causes a direct current (DC), which comes down the line (C) from the telephone exchange ... The exchange detects this current, attaches a digit receiver circuit to the line, and sends a dial tone to indicate readiness ... is available, the exchange sends an intermittent ringing signal (about 75 volts alternating current (AC) in North America and UK and 60 volts in Germany) to alert the called party to an incoming call ...
Electrical Impedance - Device Examples - Deriving The Device-specific Impedances - Capacitor
... signal to be it follows that And thus This says that the ratio of AC voltage amplitude to AC current amplitude across a capacitor is, and that the AC voltage lags the AC current ...
Types Of Capacitor - Electrical Characteristics - Limiting Current Loads - AC Current
... An AC load only can be applied to a non-polarized capacitor ... Capacitors for AC applications are primarily film capacitors, metallized paper capacitors, ceramic capacitors and bipolar electrolytic capacitors ... The rated AC load for an AC capacitor is the maximum sinusoidal effective AC current (rms) which may be applied continuously to a capacitor within the specified temperature range ...

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