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Computer Virus - Vulnerability and Countermeasures - The Vulnerability of Operating Systems To Viruses
... decreases the chance of a single disease wiping out a population, the diversity of software systems on a network similarly limits the destructive potential of viruses and malware ... concern in the 1990s, when Microsoft gained market dominance in desktop operating systems, web browsers, and office suites ... Windows is by far the most popular target operating system for virus writers, viruses also exist on other platforms ...
LINC-8 - Architecture
... As a practical matter, few LINC-8 systems ever were expanded to 8K total ... when attempting to use "complete" LINC programs on this system ... Many operating systems were written for this machine some were essentially slightly modified versions designed for the original LINC CPU it is partially based on ...
Samsung NC10 - Operating Systems - "Hackintosh" Platform
... This combination of installing Apple's operating system on non-Apple hardware is often referred to as a "hackintosh" computer ...
LINK 480Z - Software - Operating Systems
... The main operating systems were CP/M 2.2 if booted from disk or CP/NOS (a network-only version of CP/M) if booted from a file server ... Systems running CP/M could access network services using CP/NET ...
Custom Built PC - Types - Salvage System
... Salvage system is a type of build salvaged from older or obsolete computers and or parts ... This type of system is usually the cheapest, but also most obsolete of the custom builds ... This type usually cannot run later operating systems, and usually has to run an older OS which at worst is MS-DOS, and at best Windows XP, and in rarer cases ...

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