What are monsters?

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Monster Rancher 2 - Gameplay - Unlocking Monsters
... Besides the monster types you can unlock from the beginning, there are many more which you can raise ... different ways in which to unlock new monster types for raising plot events, expedition, and errantry ... The most common way these new monsters are given to you is by the gain of an item, which when used to combine monsters, will produce this new type ...
The Chubb Chubbs! - Plot
... Meeper sees aircraft land in the distance, and huge, weapon-bearing monsters exit the craft ... The monsters are almost at the pub ... The monsters flee, screaming, "It's the ChubbChubbs!" The chicks reveal their razor sharp teeth and devour the monsters, who are actually known as Zyzaks ...
Koto Battle: Tengai No Moribito - Gameplay - Monster Cards
... This type of card allows the player to summon the kotodama power of a monster on the battlefield ... Summoned monsters shield the player from enemy attacks, and attack the enemy when the timecost reaches zero ... If the players uses a monster card when the field is already filled with summoned monsters, the newly summoned monsters will take the place of the previous ones ...
Rampage 2: Universal Tour - Plot
... their facilities in Salt Lake City, causes another accident that results in three new monsters Boris, a rhinoceros, Curtis, a mouse, and Ruby, a lobster ... Players choose one of the three original monsters to rescue ... Once all the monsters are rescued, aliens begin to invade the earth, leaving the monsters the only ones who can save the planet they just helped partially destroy ...
The Monsters In The Morning
... The Monsters in the Morning is a talk radio show on WTKS-FM Real Radio in Orlando, Florida, USA, XM Radio Channel 165 and via the Iheartradio app for mobile ... Stunts have involved skywriting, hanging a Monsters banner on a local eyesore, getting married, and blowing oneself up with firecrackers ... The Monsters consist of Russ (Triple R) Rollins, Dirty Jim, Drunky The Bear, and SBK ...

Famous quotes containing the word monsters:

    We’ve forgotten what it’s like not to be able to reach the light switch. We’ve forgotten a lot of the monsters that seemed to live in our room at night. Nevertheless, those memories are still there, somewhere inside us, and can sometimes be brought to the surface by events, sights, sounds, or smells. Children, though, can never have grown-up feelings until they’ve been allowed to do the growing.
    Fred Rogers (20th century)

    Does frightening women make you proud? Or is pride something monsters don’t understand?
    Louis Vittes, and Gene Fowler, Jr.. Marge (Gloria Talbott)

    his address
    to the grey monsters of the world,
    Imamu Amiri Baraka (b. 1934)