What are Homo sapiens?

  • (noun): The only surviving hominid; species to which modern man belongs; bipedal primate having language and ability to make and use complex tools; brain 1400 cc.

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Michael T. Mc Guire - Darwinian Psychiatry - Objections To Darwinian Psychiatry
... period of intense selection for many of the present day traits of Homo sapiens occurred during a period of time between 100,000 and 10,000 years ago, called the environment of evolutionary ... Homo sapiens has largely ceased to evolve genetically, morphologically or physiologically following that time period ... Response There is the possibility that Homo sapiens is still undergoing genetic change ...
List Of Alternative Names For The Human Species
... In addition to the generally accepted scientific classification Homo sapiens (Latin "wise man" or "knowing man"), other Latin-based names for the human species have been created to refer to various aspects ... of these are ironic of the self-ascribed nobility immanent in the choice of sapiens, others are serious suggestions as to what Human universals may be ... with reliably sourced entries Name Translation Notes Homo amans "loving man", "loving people" man as a loving agent Humberto Maturana 2008 Homo ...
Scientific Authority - Writing Binomial Names
... By tradition, the binomial names of species are usually typeset in italics for example, Homo sapiens ... be printed in a font different from that used in the normal text for example, "Several more Homo sapiens fossils were discovered." When handwritten, each part ...
Neanderthal - Habitat and Range
... Homo sapiens sapiens appears to have been the only human type in the Nile River Valley during these periods, and Neanderthals are not known to have ever lived south-west ... One such example is Rhodesian Man (Homo rhodesiensis) who existed long before any classic European Neanderthals, but had a more modern set of teeth, and arguably some H ... sapiens sapiens ...
Stone-Age Poland - Paleolithic - Homo Sapiens
... Homo sapiens proper (Homo sapiens sapiens, the Cro-Magnon type) appears in the Upper Paleolithic, which lasted from 40,000 to 9,000 BCE ...

Famous quotes containing the words homo sapiens and/or homo:

    ... beauty, like ecstasy, has always been hostile to the commonplace. And the commonplace, under its popular label of the normal, has been the supreme authority for Homo sapiens since the days when he was probably arboreal.
    Ellen Glasgow (1873–1945)

    Regna regnis lupi, The State is a wolf unto the State. It is not a pessimistic lamentation like the old homo homini lupus [Man is a wolf to Man], but a positive creed and political ideal.
    Johan Huizinga (1872–1945)