What are emphasis?

  • (noun): Special and significant stress by means of position or repetition e.g..
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More definitions of "emphasis":

  • (noun): Intensity or forcefulness of expression.
    Example: "His emphasis on civil rights"
    Synonyms: vehemence
  • (noun): The relative prominence of a syllable or musical note (especially with regard to stress or pitch).
    Synonyms: stress, accent
  • (noun): Special importance or significance.
    Example: "The red light gave the central figure increased emphasis"
    Synonyms: accent

Famous quotes containing the word emphasis:

    The emphasis must be not on the right to abortion but on the right to privacy and reproductive control.
    Ruth Bader Ginsberg (b. 1933)

    Sir Walter Raleigh might well be studied, if only for the excellence of his style, for he is remarkable in the midst of so many masters. There is a natural emphasis in his style, like a man’s tread, and a breathing space between the sentences, which the best of modern writing does not furnish. His chapters are like English parks, or say rather like a Western forest, where the larger growth keeps down the underwood, and one may ride on horseback through the openings.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    As our disorderly, competitive technological society is piling up its victims and constantly developing new problems of maladjustment, we must use our scientific knowledge to determine the cause and prevention of suffering rather than putting all our emphasis on its alleviation ...
    Agnes E. Meyer (1887–1970)