What are emotions?

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Self-conscious Emotions - Development of Self Conscious Emotions
... Self-conscious emotions are among the latter of emotions to develop ... Two reasons are at the cause of this ...
Self-conscious Emotions
... Self-conscious emotions, such as guilt, shame, embarrassment, and pride, are emotions that relate to our sense of self and our consciousness of others ...
Self-conscious Emotions - Poor Behaviour and Self Conscious Emotions
... Initially self-conscious emotions were looked upon as troublesome and all part of an internal fight ... to regulate their behaviour in an appropriate manner and problems with their self-conscious emotions ... the hardship of creating the proper environment within a lab where self-conscious emotions would not only occur, but could be adequately measured ...
Silvia Hartmann - Energy EFT
... Classic EFT is only aimed at releasing negative emotions, whereas Energy EFT switches from releasing negative emotions to building upon positive emotions ...

Famous quotes containing the word emotions:

    The same emotions in man and woman are nonetheless dissimilar in tempo: consequently, man and woman never cease to misunderstand one another.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    She runs the gamut of emotions from A to B.
    Dorothy Parker (1893–1967)

    Our basic ideas about how to parent are encrusted with deeply felt emotions and many myths. One of the myths of parenting is that it is always fun and games, joy and delight. Everyone who has been a parent will testify that it is also anxiety, strife, frustration, and even hostility. Thus most major parenting- education formats deal with parental emotions and attitudes and, to a greater or lesser extent, advocate that the emotional component is more important than the knowledge.
    Bettye M. Caldwell (20th century)