What are crossroads?

  • (noun): A crisis situation or point in time when a critical decision must be made.
    Synonyms: juncture, critical point
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... Crossroads Plaza can refer to Crossroads Plaza (North Carolina) Crossroads Plaza (Utah) ...
Crossroads, Mississippi
... Crossroads (or Cross Roads) msy refer to the following unincorporated communities in the U.S ... state of Mississippi Crossroads, George County, Mississippi Crossroads, Neshoba County, Mississippi Crossroads, Pearl River County, Mississippi Cross Roads, Tishomingo County ...
Crossroads Caring Scotland - History
... Crossroads owes its existence to the tea-time soap opera of the same name ... Crossroads Caring Scotland has no formal ties with Crossroads England and Wales ...

More definitions of "crossroads":

  • (noun): A point where a choice must be made.
    Example: "Freud's work stands at the crossroads between psychology and neurology"
  • (noun): A community of people smaller than a village.
    Synonyms: hamlet

Famous quotes containing the word crossroads:

    The sacrifice to Legba was completed; the Master of the Crossroads had taken the loas’ mysterious routes back to his native Guinea.
    Meanwhile, the feast continued. The peasants were forgetting their misery: dance and alcohol numbed them, carrying away their shipwrecked conscience in the unreal and shady regions where the savage madness of the African gods lay waiting.
    Jacques Roumain (1907–1945)

    ...I’m thirteen years old, and I think I’m at the crossroads of my life. I’ve got to make good between now and the time I’m twenty, and I have only seven years to do it in. Besides, I’m the father of my family and I’ve got to earn all the money I can.
    Mary Pickford (1893–1979)