What are aeronautics?

  • (noun): The theory and practice of navigation through air or space.
    Synonyms: astronautics


Aeronautics (from Greek ὰήρ āēr which means "air" and ναυτική nautikē which means "navigation, Airmanship", i.e. "navigation of the air") is the science involved with the study, design, and manufacturing of airflight-capable machines, or the techniques of operating aircraft and rocketry within the atmosphere. While the term—literally meaning "sailing the air"—originally referred solely to the science of operating the aircraft,it has since been expanded to include technology, business and other aspects related to aircraft.

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Massachusetts Department Of Transportation - Organization - Aeronautics Division
... The Aeronautics Division, formerly the Massachusetts Aeronautics Commission, administers state financing of its airports inspects and licenses airports and landing pads regulates airport security, safety ... by the independent Massachusetts Port Authority (which shares its headquarters with the Aeronautics Division) ...
Advisory Council For Aeronautics Research In Europe
... The Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe (ACARE) is a European Seventh Framework Programme initiative to improve the competitive situation of ...
Constantin Von Economo - Biography - Aeronautics
... In 1907, he developed an interest in aeronautics and balloon-flying and became the first Austrian having an international pilot's diploma in 1912 ...
Aeronautics - Rocketry
... Rockets for military and recreational uses date back to at least 13th century China ... Significant scientific, interplanetary and industrial use did not occur until the 20th century, when rocketry was the enabling technology of the Space Age, including setting foot on the moon ...