Westminster Confession

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Fundamentalist–Modernist Controversy - Background - The Old-Side–New-Side Split (1741–58) and The Old-School–New-School Split (1838–69)
... church authority and the authority of the Westminster Confession of Faith ... The New Side/New School opposed a rigid interpretation of the Westminster Confession ... education were more lax in the degree of subscription to the Westminster Confession they required and were generally opposed to using heresy trials as a ...
Presbyterian Ministers - Characteristics - Doctrine
... confessional churches express their faith in the form of "confessions of faith," which have some level of authoritative status ... It is this community understanding of theology that is expressed in confessions ... Some Presbyterian traditions adopt only the Westminster Confession of Faith as the doctrinal standard to which teaching elders are required to subscribe ...
Statement Of Faith - Christian Confessions of Faith
... Protestant denominations are usually associated with confessions of faith, which are similar to creeds but usually longer ... The Sixty-seven Articles of the Swiss reformers, drawn up by Zwingli in 1523 The Schleitheim Confession of the Anabaptist Swiss Brethren drawn up in 1527 - (being Anabaptist, this confession was not ... The Gallic Confession, 1559 The Scots Confession, drawn up by John Knox in 1560 The Belgic Confession drawn up by Guido de Bres in 1561 The Thirty-nine ...

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