Westman may refer to:

  • Westman Region, Manitoba, Canada
  • Karl Gustaf Westman, Swedish politician
  • Karl Ivan Westman, Swedish diplomat
  • Celts in Ireland were called Westmen in Old Norse

Other articles related to "westman":

Hans Westman
... Hans Gustaf Westman (9 March 1905 – 17 November 1991) was a Swedish architect mainly active in Scania, Sweden's most Southern province ... Hans Westman practised as an architect in Skåne from 1932 until 1983 ... At the same time, Westman resented functionalists' neglect of the human factor that manifested itself in large scale buildings with routinely applied monotonous patterna ...
Carl Westman - Biography
... Carl Westman was born in Uppsala in 1866 ... In 1897, Westman opened his own architect bureau ... Carl Westman was one of the foremost advocators in Sweden for a return to the national characteristics in architecture ...
Karl Gustaf Westman - Personal Life
... Karl Gustaf Westman was the son of the postmaster Carl Johan Westman and Tonny (Andersson) Westman ... He was the brother of the diplomat Karl Ivan Westman ... Westman was buried February 2, 1944 at Gamla kyrkogården in Uppsala ...