Western Electric

Western Electric

Western Electric Company (sometimes abbreviated WE and WECo) was an American electrical engineering company, the manufacturing arm of AT&T from 1881 to 1995. It was the scene of a number of technological innovations and also some seminal developments in industrial management. It also served as the purchasing agent for the member companies of the Bell System.

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AT&T Technologies - History - Telephone Production - Telephone Changes
... Toward the end of the Bell System, Western Electric telephones contained much more computer technology and more plastic over metal, since advances in electronics and ... In 1986, AT T closed the Western Electric Indianapolis Works plant, and Trimline and other residential telephone production was moved overseas ... Any phone made overseas by AT T Technologies no longer had Western Electric markings, except for plugs on modular telephone cords whose clips were marked with ...
Avaya Government Solutions - History - Western Electric Roots
... the 2554 wall phone, and the 2500 series desk phone, both popular Western Electric models ... Avaya telephone production at the Shreveport Works, a former Western Electric pay phone plant, ceased in 2001 ...
C. Edward Mc Vaney - Career
... As an engineer at Western Electric in mid-1964, McVaney worked in applied mathematics schemes theory which got him involved further with both computers and operations research using ... and so on, it worked fine." While working at Western Electric, McVaney learned machine language programming ... While work at Western Electric was both challenging and rewarding intellectually and McVaney making what he considered good pay, $9,200 a year, when he was offered $14,000 ...
Western Electric - Legacy
... Since the demise of Western Electric, telephones and telephone equipment have been made by numerous manufacturers ... people never purchased telephones after the AT T breakup, and continue to lease their existing Western Electric models from QLT Consumer Lease Services (formerly known as AT T Consumer Lease Services) ... Today, many of these Western Electric telephones have become collector's items, renowned for their reliability ...

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