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Eastern Name Order - Lexical Order
... Also in Western countries, the Eastern order with family name first is generally used first in lists and catalogues, with the family and given names ... For example, most Western libraries use this order, and if one fills a form sheet, family name is usually asked first ... the Latin alphabet, some prefer to convert them to the Western order at the same time, while others leave them in the Eastern order but write the family name in capital letters ...
Antidepressants In Japan - Market
... used as first-line antidepressants in Western countries for almost two decades, and recent studies are still comparing SSRIs and tricyclic antidepressants, even though tricyclics are clearly 2nd or ... in Japan, a drug on the market in many Western countries since 1994 ... little news, however, on the status of bupropion (Glaxo Smith-Kline), used widely in Western countries since the early 1990s and long in clinical trials in Japan ...
Age Of Sail - Western Countries - Golden Age of Sail
... In the United States, the Golden Age of Sail has been said to be between the War of 1812 and the Civil War, or approximately 1830 and 1880, a time during which sailing vessels increasingly adopted steam engines, making overseas shipping more reliable. ...
Schoolteachers - Rights To Enforce School Discipline
... Most Western countries, and some others, have now banned it, but it remains lawful in the United States following a US Supreme Court decision in 1977 which held that ... by caning, remains commonplace in schools in some Asian, African and Caribbean countries ... For details of individual countries see School corporal punishment ...
Ji-li Jiang - Adulthood
... Exchange, promoting cultural exchange between western countries and China ... and Western countries ... started her own company, East West Exchange, to promote cultural exchange between Western countries and China ...

Famous quotes containing the words countries and/or western:

    In some countries a hunting parson is no uncommon sight. Such a one might make a good shepherd’s dog, but is far from being the Good Shepherd.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    In the woods in a winter afternoon one will see as readily the origin of the stained glass window, with which Gothic cathedrals are adorned, in the colors of the western sky seen through the bare and crossing branches of the forest.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)