West Saxon

  • (noun): A literary dialect of Old English.
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Elfred - Military Reorganisation - Reconstituted Fyrd
... institutions of his kingdom, strengthened the West Saxon economy through a policy of monetary reform and urban planning and strove to win divine favour by resurrecting the literary glories of earlier generations ... Each element of the system was meant to remedy defects in the West Saxon military establishment exposed by the Viking invasions ... If this entailed transforming the West Saxon fyrd from a sporadic levy of king's men and their retinues into a mounted standing army, so be it ...
History Of The English Penny (c. 600 – 1066) - The 9th Century
... This is one of very few cases in Anglo-Saxon England where it looks like coinage was being used in a propagandistic way design and production was not as closely tied to politics and current events as in ... Archiepiscopal minting was interrupted immediately after the West Saxon takeover, but resumed shortly before Wulfred’s death using the same monogram ... The West Saxon mint initiated by Beorhtric continued to operate at a relatively low level under Egbert but remained very sporadic in operation between his ...
... The Kingdom of Wessex ( /ˈwɛsɨks/) or Kingdom of the West Saxons (Old English Westseaxna rīce) was an Anglo-Saxon kingdom in south-west England, from the 6th century until the emergence of a unified English ... The Anglo-Saxons believed that Wessex was founded by Cerdic and Cynric, but it is possible that this account is a legend ... The two main sources for the kings of Wessex are the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and the West Saxon Genealogical Regnal List, which conflict and cannot be fully reconciled ...
Old English Phonology - Changes Leading Up To Middle and Modern English
... NOTE In this table, abbreviations are used as follows OE = Old English WS = West Saxon (dialect of Old English) ME = Middle English NE = Modern English GA = General American (dialect of Modern ... London, which is derived largely from Anglian Old English, with some admixture of West Saxon and Kentish ... In the West Saxon area, /y/ remained as such well into Middle English times, and was written u in Middle English documents from this area ...
Wessex (disambiguation)
... Wessex or West Saxon can refer to- Wessex a putative region of England, Wessex Archaeology – an educational charity and the largest UK archaeological practice, Wessex culture a name given to the predominant ... British Army's regional command for the South West region The Royal Wessex Yeomanry – a British Army territorial unit Wessex Sound Studios – a renowned former recording studio ...

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  • (noun): An inhabitant of Wessex.
  • (noun): A dialect of Middle English.
    Synonyms: Southwestern

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    It is remarkable what a value is still put upon wood even in this age and in this new country, a value more permanent and universal than that of gold. After all our discoveries and inventions no man will go by a pile of wood. It is as precious to us as it was to our Saxon and Norman ancestors. If they made their bows of it, we make our gun-stocks of it.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    These emblems of twilight have seen at length,
    And the man red-faced and tall seen, leaning
    In the day of his strength
    Not as a pine, but the stiff form
    Against the west pillar....
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)