West London Mental Health NHS Trust

West London Mental Health NHS Trust

The West London Mental Healthcare NHS Trust (WLMHT) was established 1 October 2000.

The head quarters is situated in St. Bernard's Hospital Building. HQ This is on the south side of the Uxbridge Road between the towns of Southall and Hanwell and 8½ miles west from London, in the Southall district of the London Borough of Ealing, Greater London, England.

With its duties spread across some 32 geographical sites it employs over 4,300 people.

Due to its larger remit there are nine Directors, and eight Non-Executive Directors.ed

Currently the Trust management is exploring the possibility of becoming a NHS equivalent Foundation Trust (eFt).

St. Bernard's Hospital
NHS Trust
Trust name West London Mental Healthcare NHS Trust
Place Southall
County Greater London
Hospital type Psychiatric
Psychiatric ICU present? Yes
Adolescent Secure present? Yes- male
Local Secure present? Yes
Medium Secure present? Yes- male; Yes- female
High Secure available? No, but available off-site at (Broadmoor) B
No. of employees ~ 3,800
In patients See: for each unit
Out patients
History of St. Bernard's
Key dates * Opened 16 May 1832.
* Present Trust established 1 October 2000
Website West London Mental Health NHS Trust
Wiki-Links National Health Service
List of UK Hospitals

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