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Weather is not limited to planetary bodies. Like all stars, the sun's corona is constantly being lost to space, creating what is essentially a very thin atmosphere throughout the Solar System. The movement of mass ejected from the Sun is known as the solar wind. Inconsistencies in this wind and larger events on the surface of the star, such as coronal mass ejections, form a system that has features analogous to conventional weather systems (such as pressure and wind) and is generally known as space weather. Coronal mass ejections have been tracked as far out in the solar system as Saturn. The activity of this system can affect planetary atmospheres and occasionally surfaces. The interaction of the solar wind with the terrestrial atmosphere can produce spectacular aurorae, and can play havoc with electrically sensitive systems such as electricity grids and radio signals.

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Examples of Space Weather Events
... If astronauts had been in space at the time, the dose would have been deadly or at least life-threatening ... October 19, 1989, a large solar event included the full array of space weather effects Solar Energetic Particles, Coronal Mass Ejection, Forbush decrease, ground level enhancement ...
Space Environment
... Space environment is a branch of astronautics, aerospace engineering and space physics that seeks to understand and address conditions existing in space that affect the ... A related subject, space weather, deals with dynamic processes in the solar-terrestrial system that can give rise to effects on spacecraft, but that can also affect the atmosphere, ionosphere and geomagnetic field ... Effects on spacecraft can arise from radiation, space debris and meteoroid impact, upper atmospheric drag and spacecraft electrostatic charging ...
Lockheed Martin Solar And Astrophysics Laboratory - Space Weather
... Enormous storms on the Sun driven by electromagnetic activity generate space weather that propagates outward across the solar system and can cause severe disturbances of Earth’s upper atmosphere and of the near-Ear ... In October 2011 the ATC co-sponsored a workshop entitled "Space Weather Risks and Society" that brought together a broad international spectrum of experts in solar ... An understanding of space weather and - in particular - its impacts on society are in their infancy, but there is broad agreement that societal sensitivity to high-impact, low-frequency events is ...
Circumstellar Habitable Zone - Other Habitability Considerations - Effect of Space Weather
... Space weather, in particular stellar radiation and stellar variation can significantly affect the ability of planets within the habitable zone to retain surface water ... defense mechanism against the effects of space weather, such as a combination of magnetospheres, atmosphere, geological and geophysical cycles to sustain stable bodies ...
Geomagnetic Storm
... A geomagnetic storm is a major component of space weather and provides the input for many other components of space weather ... There are several space weather phenomena which tend to be associated with a geomagnetic storm or are caused by a geomagnetic storm ...

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