Wave Height

In fluid dynamics, the wave height of a surface wave is the difference between the elevations of a crest and a neighbouring trough. Wave height is a term used by mariners, as well as in coastal, ocean and naval engineering.

At sea, the term significant wave height is used as a means to introduce a well-defined and standardized statistic to denote the characteristic height of the random waves in a sea state. It is defined in such a way that it more–or–less corresponds to what a mariner observes when estimating visually the average wave height.

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1991 Perfect Storm - Meteorological History
... created a significant pressure gradient, which created large waves and strong winds ... A buoy located 264 miles (425 km) south of Halifax reported a wave height of 100.7 feet (30.7 m) on October 30 ... This became the highest recorded wave height on the Scotian Shelf, which is the oceanic shelf off the coast of Nova Scotia ...
Water Waves - Science of Waves
... Wind waves are mechanical waves that propagate along the interface between water and air the restoring force is provided by gravity, and so they are often referred to as surface gravity waves ... These forces transfer energy from the air to the water, forming waves ... The initial formation of waves by the wind is described in the theory of Phillips from 1957, and the subsequent growth of the small waves has been ...
Sea States in Marine Engineering
... by the following two parameters The significant wave height H1/3 — the mean wave height of the one third highest waves ... The mean wave period, T1 ... is in addition to these two parameters (or variation of the two) also described by the wave spectrum which is the product of a wave height spectrum and a wave ...
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... The standing edge wave theory is based on an interaction, near the shoreline, between the waves that are approaching the shore and waves that have been set up perpendicular ... The regular arrival of incoming waves in the near shore waters causes the development of waves perpendicular to the direction of the incoming waves these are termed 'edge waves' ... These edge waves become trapped near the shoreline and when two of them come together from opposite directions, a standing edge wave is formed ...

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