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Royal Navy Ratings Rank Insignia - Royal Marines Other Ranks - History of The RM Other Ranks
... But in 1881 warrant rank was given to all Regimental Sergeant Majors, all other sergeant majors and other senior NCOs in the same manner as their Army counterparts ... In 1910 the services introduced RN styled warrant officer ranks, 1915 was when the RMLI and RMA joined the Army in adopting the Warrant Officer ranks (WO ... Sergeant majors and warrant officers of the RM in the 1930s were divided into regular and commissioned sergeant majors, regular and commisioned warrant officers and their equivalents, in a ...
St. John Ambulance In Singapore - Rank Insignia - Warrant Officers
... Warrant Officer Grade 1 Brigade Sergeant Major HQ Warrant Officer WO (G1) Warrant Officer Grade 2 (Brigade / Zone) Sergeant Major (HQ / Zone) Warrant Officer WO (G2) Warrant Officer Grade 3 Zone Sergeant Major ...
Lithuanian Army (1922) - The Army - Infantry Organisation
... In 1919 June 6 it was confirmed, that there must be 78 officers, 18 civil servants, 22 sergeant masters, 212 combat warrant officers, 107 non combat warrant officers, 1977 ... Infantry coy Mg's team (27 heavy mgs) Grenadier team Communications team Training team (for warrant officers preparation) Commendant’s team Cavalry team for recognition ...
Military Officers - Warrant Officers
... In some branches of many armed forces there exists a third grade of officer known as a warrant officer ... In the armed forces of the United States, warrant officers are initially appointed by the Secretary of the service and then commissioned by the President of the United ... (as in the armed forces of the Commonwealth nations), warrant officers fill the role of very senior non-commissioned officers ...
Infantry Weapons Officer
... The United States Marine Corps MOS 0306, Infantry Weapons Officers, commonly referred to as "The Gunner" or "Marine Gunner" are non-technical Chief ... very stringent and much higher than what is needed for other warrant officer appointments ... They are not appointed Warrant Officers, but rather commissioned directly to the grade of Chief Warrant Officer-2 and are the only officers who are officially designated the title, "Marine Gunner" and ...

Famous quotes containing the words officers and/or warrant:

    In the weakness of one kind of authority, and in the fluctuation of all, the officers of an army will remain for some time mutinous and full of faction, until some popular general, who understands the art of conciliating the soldiery, and who possesses the true spirit of command, shall draw the eyes of all men upon himself. Armies will obey him on his personal account. There is no other way of securing military obedience in this state of things.
    Edmund Burke (1729–1797)

    Here’s to the maiden of bashful fifteen;
    Here’s to the widow of fifty;
    Here’s to the flaunting extravagant queen;
    And here’s to the housewife that’s thrifty.
    Let the toast pass,—
    Drink to the lass,
    I’ll warrant she’ll prove an excuse for the glass.
    Richard Brinsley Sheridan (1751–1816)