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Charitable organizations differ in and are often compared on the basis of their methods of fundraising and the percentage of funds going toward primary mission aims versus administrative overhead. They also differ in the manner in which they treat donor lists and contact information. Information available from 2000–2003 indicates that WCRI applies approximately 40% of funds collected to the stated goals of the center, such as research and public education; the remaining 60% of funds raised were spent primarily on expenses incurred in raising funds, such as letters to potential donors. Fundraising for WCRI is conducted in part through the NCRC project via direct-mail campaigns. The mailing list utilized by NCRC for fundraising has been made available for purchase from mailing list broker Response Unlimited. WCRI has also raised funds under the name National Breast Cancer Research Center. Numerous complaints have been made by individuals who are receiving dozens of letters soliciting funds and are unable to persuade the charity to remove their names from the mailing list. The Center then sells those names to other charities, and people throughout the country have complained of being inundated by requests for money that they can not stop.

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