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Organisations and Social Work

In August 2012, Wakas launched campaigns to surface the issue of Palestine. He managed to get in touch with various warehouses who sold products made in the occupied areas of Palestine requesting them to stop selling them. His second campaign was targeting the Israeli dates, via the site BloodDates.com. He saw that the Israeli dates sold to Muslims in Ramadan were the result of numerous accounts of human rights abuses in the farms. He urged local stores in Norway to sign a petition to not sell the dates in the next Ramadan making the brands realise what they do has an impact on others around the world who wish peace in the region.

To further bring the cause of Palestine to the public, Wakas is actively working in an organisation called "Al-Aqsa Komiteen". The work around this committee will have a goal to get as many people as possible to see the real situation of the way things are deteriorating in Israel.

Wakas Mir is also the Services Committee Leader in Islamic Council Norway (Islamsk Råd Norge). In this committee he is responsible for projects revolving around Muslim rights, graveyard services for Muslims and other projects that revolve around the 200 000 Muslims living in the country.

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