Virtual Work

Virtual work arises in the application of the principle of least action to the study of forces and movement of a mechanical system. Historically, virtual work and the associated calculus of variations were formulated to analyze systems of rigid bodies, but they have also been developed for the study of the mechanics of deformable bodies.

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Rigid Body Dynamics - D'Alembert's Form of The Principle of Virtual Work - Static Equilibrium
... system rigid bodies is defined by the that condition that the virtual work of the applied forces is zero for any virtual displacement of the system ... This is known as the principle of virtual work ... requirement that the generalized forces for any virtual displacement are zero, that is Qi=0 ...
D'Alembert's Principle - Derivation For Special Cases
... a small algebraic manipulation of Newton's law Considering the virtual work, done by the total and inertial forces together through an arbitrary virtual displacement, of the system leads to a zero identity ... Separating the total forces into applied forces, and constraint forces, yields If arbitrary virtual displacements are assumed to be in directions that are orthogonal to the constraint forces (which is ... of applied forces and inertial forces for a dynamic system does no virtual work There is also a corresponding principle for static systems called the principle of virtual work for applied forces ...
Virtual Work - Alternative Forms
... A specialization of the principle of virtual forces is the unit dummy force method, which is very useful for computing displacements in structural systems ... of inertial forces as additional body forces will give the virtual work equation applicable to dynamical systems ... energy principles in structural mechanics, the virtual work principle deserves a special place due to its generality that leads to powerful applications in structural analysis, solid ...
Generalized Forces - Virtual Work - Velocity Formulation
... In the application of the principle of virtual work it is often convenient to obtain virtual displacements from the velocities of the system ... particle system, let the velocity of each particle Pi be Vi, then the virtual displacement ╬┤ri can also be written in the form This means that the generalized force, Qj, can ...
Finite Element Method In Structural Mechanics - System Virtual Work
... Summing the internal virtual work (14) for all elements gives the right-hand-side of (1) Considering now the left-hand-side of (1), the system external ...

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