Virtual Reality - Pioneers and Notables

Pioneers and Notables

  • Maurice Benayoun
  • Mark Bolas
  • Doug Bowman
  • Fred Brooks
  • Edmond Couchot
  • James H. Clark
  • Doug Church
  • Char Davies
  • Tom DeFanti
  • David Em
  • Thomas A. Furness III
  • Scott Fisher
  • William Gibson
  • Morton Heilig
  • Eric Howlett
  • Myron Krueger
  • Knowbotic Research
  • Jaron Lanier
  • Brenda Laurel
  • Michael Naimark
  • Randy Pausch
  • Mark Pesce
  • Warren Robinett
  • Dan Sandin
  • Susumu Tachi
  • Ivan Sutherland

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Famous quotes containing the word pioneers:

    Printer, philosopher, scientist, author and patriot, impeccable husband and citizen, why isn’t he an archetype? Pioneers, Oh Pioneers! Benjamin was one of the greatest pioneers of the United States. Yet we just can’t do with him. What’s wrong with him then? Or what’s wrong with us?
    —D.H. (David Herbert)