Viral Load

Viral load, also known as viral burden or viral titer, is a measure of the severity of a viral infection, and can be calculated by estimating the amount of virus in an involved body fluid. For example, it can be given in RNA copies per milliliter of blood plasma. Tracking viral load is used to monitor therapy during chronic viral infections, and in immunocompromised patients such as those recovering from bone marrow or solid organ transplantation. Currently, routine testing is available for HIV-1, cytomegalovirus, hepatitis B virus, and hepatitis C virus.

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Viral Load - CD4 White Blood Cells
... A CD4 test quantifies helper T-cells and is often combined with viral load testing to monitor the progression of HIV ... CD4 testing shows the strength of the immune system, but does not report viral activity ... CD4 count, in combination with higher numbers on a viral load test, indicates an increased risk of getting sick from opportunistic diseases ...
HLA-A - In Disease - Diseases By Haplotype
... A*02Cw*16 higher viral load in HIV A*23B*14 higher viral load in HIV A*23Cw*07 higher viral load in HIV A*30Cw*03 higher viral load in HIV ...
Long-term Nonprogressor - Long-Term Progressors, Naturally-occurring Genetic Mutation, and Anti-HIV Gene Therapy
... drugs now used to keep the virus that causes AIDS in check by suppressing viral replication in the blood ... estimated modification of both copies of the CCR5 gene and viral load," said Dr ... Viral load decreased in three of the six subjects, with one patient's viral load reduced to undetectable levels ...
Darunavir - Efficacy - POWER 1 and POWER 2 Trials
... more treatment-experienced patients achieved a reduction in viral load at the 24-week primary endpoint with darunavir, compared with the investigator-selected PI (70% vs ... patients (45%) have achieved an undetectable viral load with the darunavir containing regimen, compared with the investigator-selected PI arm (12%). 24 weeks 65 percent of patients achieved a reduction in viral load of 1 log10 or more, versus baseline ...
HIV Set Point
... The HIV set point is the viral load of a person infected with HIV, which stabilizes after a period of acute HIV infection ... The higher the viral load of the set point, the faster the virus will progress to AIDS the lower the viral load of the set point, the longer the patient will remain in clinical latency ...

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