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List Of Robotech Characters - The Shadow Chronicles - Vince Grant - The Shadow Chronicles
... In July 2044, Vince is placed in command of the Icarus, one of the REF newly completed Shimakaze-class Battlecruisers ... to return from a test-firing of a super-weapon known as the Neutron-S missile, Vince obtains permission from General Reinhardt to try and find the SDF-3 ... Upon arriving in the Omciron sector after a fold jump near a newly-created Black hole, Vince makes contact with the severely damaged SDF-3 ...
First Robotech War - Fourth Robotech War
... insistence that Ariel is a friend and is trying to warn of an impending disaster, Captain Vince Grant and General Reinhardt, and most of the REF, refuses to trust an Invid ... Ariel teleports to the bridge of the Grant's commandship Icarus to explain that the Haydonites believe that all those who use protoculture must be destroyed, including both the Invid and humanity ... By the time the Icarus with Vince Grant, Louie Nichols, Janice Em, Scott Bernard and Ariel arrives on the scene, 89% of the REF forces at Liberty have been destroyed ...
Rick Hunter - Prelude To The Shadow Chronicles
... Later, Rick meets with his close friends, Vince Grant and his wife, Dr ... Jean Grant, to ask about Lisa ... However, it is then that Jean Grant, with a sad look on her face, says "Rick.. ...

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