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Examination Of Apollo Moon Photographs - Allegations and Refutations - Artifacts in The Film
... Transmissions from the moon required video signals of very different design than that of ordinary television, and were converted to standard video by ... appear throughout the recordings of the broadcast video and are undoubtedly a result of this process ... An MPEG video segment available directly from NASA, said to be of the exact footage in question, does indeed show artifacts which correspond to ghosting occurring -- although none obviously resemble ...
Penny & Her Pals - Leaving The Air
... of broadcasting in color and capturing its own broadcasts on video tape ... Even after the station's owners purchased and installed video tape recording and playback equipment, video tape was still not used to archive the station's on ...
Television Crew - Production - Video Tape Operator
... The Video Tape Operator (also known as a VT Operator or VTR Operator), cues and prepares video inserts into a program ... A VT Operator sets up and operates the video tape equipment to record and play back the program, reads the program log to ascertain when the program will be ... though they are used in all video taped productions, including television news programming, and sometimes sitcoms, if they are shot on video tape), they are also ...
Digital Cinematography - Technology - Data Storage - Tape-based Workflows
... With video tape based workflow video is recorded to video tape on set ... This video is then ingested into a computer running non-linear editing software, using a deck ... Upon ingestion, a digital video stream from tape is converted to computer files ...
... CV-2000 was one of the world's first home video tape recorders (VTR), introduced by Sony in August, 1965 ... The 'CV' in the model name stood for 'Consumer Video' and was also known as Portapak ... It used 1⁄2-inch-wide (13 mm) video tape in a reel-to-reel format, meaning the tape had to be manually threaded around the helical scan video head drum ...

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    I could buy one
    Tape and get another free. I accept- Ed the deal, paid for one tape and
    Chose a free one. But since I’ve been
    Repeatedly billed for my free tape.
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)

    These people figured video was the Lord’s preferred means of communicating, the screen itself a kind of perpetually burning bush. “He’s in the de-tails,” Sublett had said once. “You gotta watch for Him close.”
    William Gibson (b. 1948)