Vermont National Guard

The Vermont National Guard is composed of the Vermont Army National Guard and the Vermont Air National Guard. Together, they are collectively known as the Green Mountain Boys, despite the inclusion of women in both branches since the mid-twentieth century. Both units use the original Revolutionary War era Flag of the Green Mountain Boys as their banner. Their strength in 2009 was 2,660.

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Green Mountain Boys - Vermont National Guard
... Today, the Vermont National Guard, composed of the Vermont Army National Guard and Vermont Air National Guard are collectively known as the Green Mountain Boys, even though women have served in both branches ...
Vermont National Guard - Vermont Air National Guard - F-16 Use
... The Vermont Air Guard has used F-16s since the late 1980s (or early 1990s). 25 F-16C in the United States, tail number 83-1165, which will go on display in Vermont before eventually being moved to the Smithsonian Air Space Museum ...

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