Verify or verification may refer to:

  • Verification and validation, in engineering or quality management systems, it is the act of reviewing, inspecting or testing, in order to establish and document that a product, service or system meets regulatory or technical standards.
  • Verification (spaceflight), in the space systems engineering area, covers the processes of qualification and acceptance
  • Verification theory, philosophical theory relating the meaning of a statement to how it is verified
  • Third-party verification, use of an independent organization to verify the identity of a customer
  • Authentication

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... afterwards the development of automatic signature verification started along with IBM's labs in nearby Schönaich and APP Informatik Davos from Switzerland ... The automatic verification is based on a neural network and fuzzy logic ... The first automatic verification went into production in 1994 at Credit Suisse ...
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... Verification and validation (software) In applications CAPTCHA, device to verify that a user of a web-site is human to prevent automated abuse File verification ...
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Famous quotes containing the word verification:

    A fact is a proposition of which the verification by an appeal to the primary sources of our knowledge or to experience is direct and simple. A theory, on the other hand, if true, has all the characteristics of a fact except that its verification is possible only by indirect, remote, and difficult means.
    Chauncey Wright (1830–1875)

    Science is a system of statements based on direct experience, and controlled by experimental verification. Verification in science is not, however, of single statements but of the entire system or a sub-system of such statements.
    Rudolf Carnap (1891–1970)