Vector Cross Product

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Cross Product - Generalizations - Multilinear Algebra
... In the context of multilinear algebra, the cross product can be seen as the (1,2)-tensor (a mixed tensor, specifically a bilinear map) obtained from the 3-dimensional ... In detail, the 3-dimensional volume form defines a product by taking the determinant of the matrix given by these 3 vectors ... on the third input) and in the presence of an inner product (such as the dot product more generally, a non-degenerate bilinear form), we have an isomorphism and thus this yields a map which is the cross ...
Timeline Of Atomic And Subatomic Physics - The Age of Quantum Mechanics
... a nuclear atom model and derives the Rutherford cross section 1911 Jean Perrin proves the existence of atoms and molecules 1911 Ștefan Procopiu measures the ... Klein and Yoshio Nishina derive the Klein-Nishina cross section for high energy photon scattering by electrons 1929 Nevill Mott derives the Mott cross section for the Coulomb ... Alexandru Proca formulates the relativistic quantum field equations for a massive vector meson of spin-1 as a basis for nuclear forces 1936 Eugene Wigner develops the theory of neutron absorption by atomic ...

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