VCC may refer to:

  • IC power supply pin (VCC), plus collector supply line voltage in a common NPN circuit.
  • Vale of Catmose College, an arts college in England.
  • Valencia Community College, in Orlando, Florida
  • Vancouver Career College, in British Columbia, Canada
  • Vancouver Chamber Choir, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Vancouver Community College, a vocational training institute in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Vancouver Convention Centre
  • Velsicol Chemical Corporation, in Illinois, United States
  • Ventura County Council, a Boy Scouts of America local council in California
  • Veteran Car Club of Great Britain
  • Viewer's Choice Canada
  • Vineyard Church of Columbus, in Ohio, United States
  • Virginia Community Corps, an AmeriCorps state program in Virginia, United States
  • Virtual Client Computing
  • Vista Community College, in California
  • Vocational Competence Certificate
  • Voice call continuity, a specification for mobile phone service
  • Volvo Car Corporation
  • Volvo VCC
  • Video Compact Cassette, an early name for Philips' Video 2000 videocassette format
  • ValueVision Channel, the previous name of ShopNBC
  • Vehicle Control Center, SelTrac signalling system from Thales Rail Signalling Solutions

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Variants Of The M113 Armored Personnel Carrier - Italy
... photo VCC-1 - Oto Melara 7 passengers improved XM765 ( M113A1 ) with rear and side sloped armor, firing ports, Browning M2 shields and smoke-grenade ...
Immunity-aware Programming - Corrective Actions - Brown-out
... A brown-out circuit monitors the VCC level during operation by comparing it to a fixed trigger level ... When VCC drops below the trigger level, the brown-out reset is immediately activated ... When VCC rises again, the MCU is restarted after a certain delay ...
Current Limiting - Single Power-supply Circuits
... its base is biased about 0.5 volts above Vcc ... and left operate more efficiently from a single (Vcc) supply ... When Vcc is at least a few volts, a MOSFET can be used for Q1 for lower dropout-voltage ...