Vapor Liquid

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Saturated Fluid - Thermodynamic Description of Vapor–liquid Equilibrium
... The field of thermodynamics describes when vaporliquid equilibrium is possible, and its properties ... Much of the analysis depends on whether the vapor and liquid consist of a single component, or if they are mixtures ...
Saturated Fluid
... Vaporliquid equilibrium (VLE) is a condition where a liquid and its vapor (gas phase) are in equilibrium with each other, a condition or state where the ... A substance at vaporliquid equilibrium is generally referred to as a saturated fluid ... The notion of "saturated fluid" includes saturated liquid (about to vaporize), saturated liquidvapor mixture, and saturated vapor (about to condense) ...
Saturated Fluid - Boiling-point Diagrams
... such as 1 atm, showing mole fraction vapor and liquid concentrations when boiling at various temperatures can be shown as a two-dimensional graph called a boiling-point diagram ... equations are typically applied for each phase (liquid or vapor) individually ... At any given temperature where boiling is present, vapor with a certain mole fraction is in equilibrium with liquid with a certain mole fraction, often differing from the vapor ...

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