Vacuum Brake

The vacuum brake is a braking system employed on trains and introduced in the mid-1860s. A variant, the automatic vacuum brake system, became almost universal in British train equipment and in countries influenced by British practice. Vacuum brakes also enjoyed a brief period of adoption in the USA, primarily on narrow gauge railroads. Its limitations caused it to be progressively superseded by compressed air systems starting in the United Kingdom from the 1970s onward. The vacuum brake system is now obsolete; it is not in large-scale usage anywhere in the world, other than in South Africa, largely supplanted by air brakes.

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Present-day Use of Vacuum Brakes
... Today's largest operators of trains equipped with vacuum brakes are the Indian Railways and Spoornet (South Africa), however there are also trains ... more than 000 ... electric multiple unit cars, which are fitted with air compressed brakes ... The electro-vacuum system uses a 2-inch (51 mm) train pipe and basic automatic vacuum brake system, with the addition of electrically-controlled application and release valves in ...
British Carriage And Wagon Numbering And Classification - British Railways - TOPS CARKND Classification System
... coil-carrying wagons until 1984) C Covered bulk wagons (except CA goods brake vans) D Diesel Multiple Unit carriages E Electric Multiple Unit carriages F Flat wagons G High Speed Train ... carriages only A Series AA Corridor carriage AB Brake Corridor carriage AC Open carriage (2+2 seating) AD Open carriage (2+1 seating) AE Brake Open carriage AF Driving Brake Open carriage AG ... barrier, generator) xT Brake van xU Brake van plough xV General equipment vehicle (e.g ...
Railway Air Brake - Vacuum Brakes
... The main competitor to the air brake is the vacuum brake, which operates on negative pressure ... The vacuum brake is a little simpler than the air brake, with an ejector with no moving parts on steam engines or a mechanical or electrical "exhauster" on a diesel or ... The vacuum brake is also considerably slower acting in both applying and releasing the brake this requires a greater level of skill and anticipation from the driver ...

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