Uyghur may refer to:

  • the Uyghur people
  • the Uyghur language
  • any of four Uyghur alphabets
  • the Uyghur Khaganate

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Terrorism In The People's Republic Of China
... There is no unified Uyghur ideology, but Pan-Turkism, Uyghur nationalism, and Islamism have all attracted segments of the Uyghur population ... of atheism during the early years of the PRC reinforced the Islamic beliefs of the Uyghurs, which were further heightened when the political liberalization of the 1980s allowed Uyghurs to interact with Muslims in the ... have replaced peaceful demonstrations as the expression of the Uyghur malaise," according to Rémi Castets ...
Lop Language - Classification
... belongs to the Karluk branch of Turkic languages, along with Uyghur and Uzbek ... Its status as a distinct language from Uyghur is disputed ... Although it has some features that differentiate it from standard Uyghur, it is considered by some linguists to be one of its dialects ...
Lutpulla Mutellip
... Lutpulla Mutellip is one of the important figures in modern Uyghur literature ... Although he died very young, at the age of 23, he had a strong influence on modern Uyghur literature, and especially on Uyghur poetry ...
... Chunche (Uyghurچۈنچە Chinese 晾房, 阴房) is an Uyghur word that refers to a kind of building used to make raisins in Turpan, Xinjiang Uyghur ...
List Of Pangrams - Other Languages - All Letters - Uyghur
... Uyghur Latin Script Awu bir jüp xoraz Fransiyening Parij shehrige yéqin taghqa köchelmidi ... Uyghur Latin Script Zöhregül Abduwajit Fransiyening Parijdiki xéli bishem oqughuchi ...