Universal Fighting System

The Universal Fighting System (UFS) is a collectible card game originally designed by Sabertooth Games. The themes of the cards are drawn from a multitude of licensed gaming universes, principally Fighting game licenses. While the official product launch was in April 2006, the first set released in February 2006 was a special "battle box" based on the Penny Arcade online comic.

It was announced on February 22, 2008, that the publication rights of the Universal Fighting System had been transferred to Fantasy Flight Games. In May, 2010, the Universal Fighting System CCG was taken over by a new game company called Jasco Games (www.jascogames.com) and is the current home of UFS.

Fantasy Flight Games announced on June 3, 2010, that Jasco Games now "owns the rights to the core UFS mechanics and hold a license for the characters of ShadoWar. Additionally, Jasco has acquired FFG’s remaining stock of UFS cards."

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