Umlaut may refer to:

  • Diaeresis (diacritic), a pair of dots ( ¨ ) above a vowel, used in various languages
    • Metal umlaut, the same diacritic in names of heavy metal or hard rock bands for effect
  • I-mutation or umlaut, historic vowel fronting or raising in any language
    • Germanic umlaut, this process in Germanic languages
    • Affection (linguistics), this process in Celtic languages
    • Regressive vowel harmony
    • Umlaut vowel can refer to any front rounded vowel:
      • Close front rounded vowel
      • Close-mid front rounded vowel
      • Open-mid front rounded vowel
      • Open front rounded vowel
  • Lars Umlaut, a character playable in the Guitar Hero series of music video games
  • Umläut, Clinton McKinnon's experimental Australian rock band
  • Umlaut (software), an open source link resolver front-end for libraries

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