Ulf is a masculine name common in Scandinavia and Germany. It derives from the Old Norse word for "wolf" (úlfr). The oldest written proof of the name's occurrence in Sweden is from a runestone from the 11th Century. The female form is Ylva. Ulf is a relatively common name among men between 30 and 60 but is mostly used as a second name today.

People named Ulf include:

  • Ulf the Earl, brother-in-law of Cnut the Great and regent of Denmark
  • Ulf Adelsohn, Swedish politician, former leader of Moderata Samlingspartiet and county governor of Stockholm
  • Ulf Andersson, Swedish chess player
  • Ulf Dahlén, Swedish ice hockey player
  • Ulf Ekberg, Swedish pop musician
  • Ulf Ekman, Swedish pastor, leader of Livets Ord
  • Ulf Eriksson, Swedish soccer player
  • Ulf von Euler, Swedish physiologist
  • Ulf Fase Swedish jarl during the Middle Ages
  • Ulf Hohmann, German ethology researcher
  • Ulf Kristersson, Swedish politician
  • Ulf Kirsten, German soccer player
  • Ulf Larsson, Swedish actor and TV host
  • Ulf Lif, Swedish Professional Snow-Cross Racer
  • Ulf Lundell, Swedish author and rock musician
  • Ulf Lundkvist, Swedish comic creator, illustrator, and painter
  • Ulf Mattsson, Swedish inventor, it security software developer
  • Ulf Olsson, Swedish murderer
  • Ulf Ottosson, Swedish soccer player, "Mål-Otto"
  • Ulf Palme, Swedish film actor
  • Ulf Pilgaard, Danish actor
  • Ulf Samuelsson, Swedish ice hockey player
  • Ulf Schmidt, Swedish tennis player
  • Ulf Timmermann, German shot putter

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