UCSD Pascal

UCSD Pascal was a Pascal programming language system that ran on the UCSD p-System, a portable, highly machine-independent operating system. UCSD Pascal was first released in 1978. It was developed at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).

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Pascal (programming Language) - Standards - Divisions
... Niklaus Wirth's Zurich version of Pascal was issued outside of ETH in two basic forms, the CDC 6000 compiler source, and a porting kit called Pascal-P system ... The Pascal-P compiler left out several features of the full language ... UCSD Pascal, under Professor Kenneth Bowles, was based on the Pascal-P2 kit, and consequently shared several of the Pascal-P language restrictions ...
Turbo Pascal - CP/M and DOS Versions - Units
... Borland enhanced not only the IDE, but also the programming language, since ISO standard Pascal requires implementation-specific additions to be used for real-world ... Standard Pascal is designed to be platform-independent, so provides no low-level access to hardware- or operating system-dependent facilities ... Standard Pascal also does not prescribe how a large program should be split into separate compilation units ...
... JRT (Jim Russell Tyson) is an implementation of the Pascal programming language ... At the end of the 1970s, the most popular Pascal implementation for microcomputers was UCSD Pascal, which many people considered overpriced at hundreds of dollars ... The original basis for UCSD Pascal was the p-machine compiler from ETH Zurich the originators of Pascal ...
UCSD Pascal - Versions
... There were four versions of UCSD p-code engine, each with several revisions of the p-System and UCSD Pascal ... However, the Pascal sources for both Versions I.3 and I.5 were freely exchanged between interested users ... Zandt Version III Custom version written for Western Digital to run on their Pascal MicroEngine microcomputer ...

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