UCS may refer to:

  • Cisco Unified Computing System, a computing platform
  • Civic Solidarity Union, a political party in Bolivia
  • Kolej Bersatu Sarawak (UCS), an educational institution in Malaysia
  • Uniform Color Scales, a color space developed by the Optical Society of America
  • Uniform Communication Standard, an electronic commerce standard
  • Uniform-cost search, an algorithm used to search a weighted graph
  • Union of Concerned Scientists, a nonprofit advocacy organisation
  • United Cigar Stores, an American tobacconist chain of the early 20th century
  • United Communication Service, the largest cable operator in Bangladesh
  • Univention Corporate Server, an operating and management system for IT infrastructure
  • Universal Cartoon Studios, the animation and features division of Universal Studios
  • Universal Character Set, a standard for character encoding
  • Universal Charging Solution, a proposed standard for cell phone chargers
  • University Campus Suffolk, a university based in Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom
  • University College School, a British public school situated in Hampstead, north west London
  • University of Caxias do Sul, a university in Brazil
  • Upper Clyde Shipbuilders, a now defunct amalgamation of shipbuilders of the River Clyde, Glasgow, Scotland

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... The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) is a nonprofit science advocacy group based in the United States ... The UCS membership includes many private citizens in addition to professional scientists ... Association for the Advancement of Science, currently chairs the UCS Board of Directors ...
... In colorimetry, the OSA-UCS is a color space or chromaticity diagram first published in 1974 and developed by the Optical Society of America's Committee on Uniform Color Scales presently the 1976 edition is adopted ... OSA-UCS specifies colors by three coordinate values (L, j, g), which through equations can be derived from the CIE XYZ 1964 tristimulus values (X10, Y10, Z10) ...