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List Of Amstrad CPC Games - L
... L'Aigle d'Or 1986 Loriciels L'Aigle d'Or Le Retour 1992 Loriciels L'Ile 1988 UBI Soft L'Oeil de Set 1987 UBI Soft La Abadía del Crimen 1988 Opera Soft La Chose de Grotemburg 1987 ... Gold Last Mission, The 1987 Opera Soft Last Ninja 1988 ... System 3 Software Last V8, The 1986 Mastertronic Lawn Tennis 1987 Mastertronic Lazer Tag 1988 Go! Software Le Chevalier Blanc ... Entertainment Living Daylights, The 1987 Domark Livingstone Supongo 1986 Opera Soft Livingstone Supongo II 1989 Opera Soft Locomotion 1985 Mastertronic Lode Runner 1989 Loriciels/Brøderbund Loopz 1991 Audiogenic ...
List Of Amstrad CPC Games - P
... Topologika PHM Pegasus 1987 Electronic Arts Pick 'n' Pile 1990 UBI Soft Pinball Magic 1990 Loriciels Pinball Power 1989 Mastertronic Ping Pong 1986 Imagine Software Pipe Mania 1990. 1987 Alligata Pub Trivia 1989 Codemasters Puffy's Saga 1989 UBI Soft Pulsoid 1988 Mastertronic Punch and Judy 1989 Alternative Software Punchy 1984 Amsoft Purple Saturn Day 1989 ...
List Of PlayStation Games - Games
1999 UK Actua Soccer Gremlin Interactive Naxat Soft 1996 JP UK Actua Soccer 2 Gremlin Interactive Gremlin Interactive 1997 UK Actua Soccer 3 Gremlin. 3DO UK November 24, 2000 Alex Ferguson's Player Manager 2002 Anco Ubi Soft UK May 17, 2002 Alexi Lalas International Soccer Z-Axis Take-Two ... Tennis Midas Interactive Midas Interactive UK April 25, 2003 All Star Tennis '99 Smart Dog Ubi Soft NA August 31, 1999 UK November 11, 1998 All Star Tennis 2000 Aqua Pacific Ltd ...

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    Eten and drounken and maden hem glad;
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