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Twitter - Use and Social Impact
... Main article Twitter usage See also Censorship of Twitter Twitter has been used for a variety of purposes in many industries and scenarios ... it has been used to organize protests, sometimes referred to as "Twitter Revolutions", which include the 2011 Egyptian revolution, 2010–2011 Tunisian protests, 2009–2010 Iranian election protests ... The Hill on February 28, 2011 described Twitter and other social media as a "strategic weapon.. ...
IOS Version History - Version History: Portable IOS Devices - IOS 5.x - 5.0
... Twitter integration Tweeting from native applications Photos, Camera, YouTube, Maps, and Safari using new Tweet Sheet which supports multiple accounts ... Hotmail accounts now have new icons and folders ... If you have multiple email accounts configured in, swipe left or right from one’s mailboxes folder list, it will take you to another account’s mailboxes ...

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    The mystical nature of American consumption accounts for its joylessness. We spend a great deal of time in stores, but if we don’t seem to take much pleasure in our buying, it’s because we’re engaged in the acts of sacrifice and self-definition. Abashed in the presence of expensive merchandise, we recognize ourselves ... as supplicants admitted to a shrine.
    Lewis H. Lapham (b. 1935)