Twinkle Crusaders

Twinkle Crusaders (ティンクル☆くるせいだーす, Teinkuru Kuruseidāsu?, commonly abbreviated as Kurukuru (クルくる?)) is a Japanese visual novel developed by Lillian, and was originally released as an adult game for the PC on September 26, 2008. The game is described by the development team as a "Heart-pounding exciting student council love comedy" (どきどきワクワク生徒会ラブコメ, Dokidoki Wakuwaku Seitokai Rabukome?). The gameplay in Twinkle Crusaders follows a linear plot line, which offers pre-determined scenarios and courses of interaction, and focuses on the appeal of the five female main characters.

Twinkle Crusaders has also been adapted into four manga adaptations: a four-panel comic strip adaptation was serialized in the bishōjo magazine Dengeki Hime, a second adaptation was serialized irregularly in Dengeki Daioh and concluded with four chapters, an adult one-shot manga chapter was published in the adult magazine Megastore, and a fourth adaptation entitlted Twinkle Crusaders GoGo! was serialized in Dengeki Daioh.

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