A tubule is:

  • a small of tube or fistular structure
  • a minute tube lined with glandular epithelium
  • any hollow cylindrical body structure
  • a minute canal found in various structures or organs of the body
  • a slender elongated anatomical channel

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Connecting Tubule
... In the kidney, the connecting tubule (CNT, or junctional tubule, or arcuate renal tubule) is a tubular segment of the renal collecting duct system that connects the distal convoluted ...
Tubular Fluid - Composition Table
... changes throughout the nephron, from the proximal tubule to the collecting duct and then as it exits the body, from the ureter ] Concentration (mM) of substances in ...
Examples of Tubules
... Collecting tubules terminal channels of the nephrons Cuvierian tubules clusters of sticky tubules located at the base of the respiratory tree, which may be discharged by some sea cucumbers (holothurians) when ... being threatened by a predator) Dentinal tubules or dental canaliculi minute channels in the dentine of a tooth that extend from the pulp cavity to the cementum ... It begins with a descending limb (comprising the proximal straight tubule and the thin tubule ), followed by the ascending limb (the distal straight tubule ), and ending at the distal ...
Table Of Medication Secernated In Kidney
... Location Acid or base anion or cation Percentage excreted para-aminohippurate proximal tubule Acid anion furosemide proximal tubule Acid anion 100-75 glucuronic acid-conjugates proximal tubule ...
Renal Oligopeptide Reabsorption - Overview Table
... oligopeptide reabsorption Characteristic proximal tubule loop of Henle Distal convoluted tubule Collecting duct system S1 S2 S3 reabsorption (%) 99 Beyond the proximal tubule 1% reabsorption (m ...